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Stone: Turquoise (faceted)
with 14kt gold vermeil chain

Size: 108 beads = 36" (length may vary slightly)

Concept 108: 108 gemstones are strung on this sacred mala to signify the different energies we can experience in life. Each faceted stone represents the multi-faceted expressions of each energy. This mala is worn to help protect and remind us to choose the higher vibration of wisdom when journeying on the path of life.

Each Anahata Mala is designed in Los Angeles and handcrafted and blessed in the Himalayas.

MESSAGE CARD (inside box):

108 and the Guru Bead: 108 is based on a trinity, signifying the creation, death and life principles of existence. Each stone represents a unique energy and its multiple facets of expression. Every energy stands complete on its own; yet is also part of a greater whole. Similar to our souls, we stand independent and complete, yet we serve as part of a greater purpose. The larger stone on the mala is the Guru bead, meaning the teacher. Whether our teacher is a person or the sound of the ocean, we are all students of life; learning more everyday about ourselves and our connection to life. The Guru bead represents the element(s) that guide our path and helps us make more aware and illuminating choices.

How to Wear: Layer malas together for a bold statement look. Or tuck one or two strands under your blouse to add a subtle detail to your outfit. Wrap the mala around the wrist to create a multi-strand bracele that will stand out in a crowd. Take a look at our Facebook Lookbook page for more ideas of how to wear.

Storing and Travel: Each Anahata Mala comes packaged with a custom gift box. Inside each gift box is a metal tin where you can store your Mala at your beside or close the tin and toss it in your tote as you travel with it on your journeys of the world. Keep dry.

Cleaning: To cleanse the mala, dampen a soft cloth and spot clean. Set your mala in the sunlight or moonlight to restore and refresh.
Sunlight: Invokes strength, action and higher energy levels.
Moonlight: Promotes receptivity, guidance and replenishment.

How to Meditate: For centuries, malas have been used to bring a meditative practice to daily life.

Mantra Meditation: Select a mantra, which is meaningful to you. Repeat the mantra for each stone, while thumbing through your mala using your thumb (which represents the Self) and your index finger (which represents your inner-teacher). The repetition will soon create a strong vibrational circle within the room and within your body.
Seated: Cup the mala in the palm of your hand and sit quietly, allowing stillness to enter. Focus your energy on each inhalation and exhalation and allow thoughts to enter, but gently choose not to follow. Sit in mental and physical silence.
Breath: Hold mala in hand, inhale deep through the navel expanding the belly as you inhale and lengthening through your spine. Exhale press the navel into the spine and soften the body into new space.

$178.00 (includes gift box and travel tin)

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